Personal Injury

A few months ago I forgot to renew the domain for this site – – and the URL was taken over by a Los Angeles-based personal injury lawyer. In an attempt to re-inject some poetry into the pretty bleak and sinister text now replacing my site, here’s a found poem created from what’s written there.

Personal Injury

No matter where,
in the State of California
you have been injured.

Of course, there is no correct amount.
It all depends
on how you calculate it:

pain and suffering,
and even emotional distress,
if you did have that –

that’s even better.
Of course, there is no correct amount,
most of the time.

If you make a mistake,
it cannot be undone,
most of the time.

Your violation
is what caused the accident,
most of the time.

Other times,
it is not so specific,
which is also dangerous.

No matter why you stopped,
no matter where
you are on your own,

most of the time.
If someone hits you from behind
that doesn’t mean that

you are going to get paid.
You should also keep in mind
your own recklessness.

You will have to go after
the driver personally.
You will have to start talking.

You don’t have to wait until the morning.
Even if it’s night now,
we are awake.

Why us?

You don’t want to do this alone.

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