Building a bird reserve from London earth

Wallasea Island in Essex, England, is Europe’s largest habitat creation project. This reclaimed natural landscape is being built up with spoil excavated from underneath the streets of London, a by-product of the CrossRail engineering project. British builders are carving out lagoons, mudflats and saltmarshes in the hopes of bringing wild birds and other creatures back to the region. … More Building a bird reserve from London earth

Of Latin and labyrinths – two reports from Helsinki

I spent the last week of March in Helsinki, and put together two reports about the city for ‘Inside Europe‘, a magazine show put together by the German radio station Deutsche Welle. No prizes for spotting the Leonard Cohen reference I’ve awkwardly crammed into one of the intros… * Why the Finns are live on … More Of Latin and labyrinths – two reports from Helsinki

Music interviews #2

These are a few of my favourite interviews with bands and musicians I was able to produce as a presenter at EURadioNantes.   Richard O’Brien meets prolific musician Darren Hayman to discuss songwriting and the Seventeenth Century When your most recent album is an instrumental concept piece about open-air swimming pools and your next release … More Music interviews #2

Books interviews

These interviews focus mostly on books and literary topics, and were produced for EURadioNantes. Richard O’Brien speaks to Harry Ford in celebration of Roald Dahl Day Roald Dahl is one of UK’s most famous children’s authors, beloved by the young and the not-so-young for his funny, gruesome and magical tales which take an honest look … More Books interviews

Theatre interviews

Interviews with figures working in the theatre industry from EURadioNantes. Richard O’Brien meets Erica Whyman from Northern Stage, a regional theatre based in Newcastle. At a recent conference in London, Danny Boyle, fresh from the success of his Olympics opening ceremony, delivered a passionate speech against funding cuts for regional theatre. One of the arts … More Theatre interviews

Music interviews #1

Here are some of the most interesting bands and musicians I originally interviewed for EURadioNantes. * Richard O’Brien speaks to Gareth from Los Campesinos! about the links between music and football. Los Campesinos! are one of a growing number of British independent bands who write about football, and for their singer Gareth, the polarised idea … More Music interviews #1

Film, TV and comedy interviews

Interviews with figures from the worlds of film, TV and comedy, all originally conducted for EURadioNantes. Richard meets Alice Lowe, co-writer and star of the British black comedy ‘Sightseers’. [audio] The British sense of humour is widely appreciated, if not always understood, in France, and nothing says ‘so British’ like ‘serial slaughter on a caravan holiday’. … More Film, TV and comedy interviews