The Break

The Break  ‘s what raises you and places you above the life you’re leaving, severed from the one you live; what hurls you forth and holds you to the light; whatever makes you into someone who’s made it, and ‘it’’s the break, and what comes afterwards. The break’s a falling-off that isn’t flight; is where … More The Break

It’s hard to be the Bard – but why?

Judging by the songs available on YouTube, the Broadway musical Something Rotten strikes an interesting balance between propagating familiar pop-cultural myths about the early modern period and unpicking some of those assumptions through playful anachronism. The opening number, for example, welcomes us to ‘the Renaissance/Where everything is new’: far from a transitional period still processing and remaking its … More It’s hard to be the Bard – but why?

Found Poem

The lines of the following poem are all subheadings introducing quotes for the term ‘Love’ in an 1884 book: The Student’s Topical Shakespeare: Thirty-Seven Plays, Analyzed and Topically Arranged for the Use of Clergymen, Lawyers, Students, Etc. Love Its absurd Vows Its Avowal Desired Its bewildering Power Its bewitching Tyranny Its Conquests Its contradictory Character … More Found Poem